ADVENTURES IN FLY-FISHING   Located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, B.C.              

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 Take a breath of fresh healthy air. fancy a view that will extend into the forever. take in the foreshore, watch salmon, catch salmon, understand and pick wild forest mushrooms.

Murphy’s mission is to get you OUT INTO THE WILD.

At Murphy’s we take you to special places where you can enjoy the soothing peace and healing qualities of the old-growth coastal forest. Coming out of the dense forest into the crisp, clear alpine areas is breathtaking. Pick fresh delicious berries, and  in season forage for wild mushrooms. Enjoy the taste difference of wild foods. Discover the wealth of diversity on the foreshore where there is bird life galore, along with seals, otters and perhaps whales. Howe Sound is in recovery mode and salmon & whales are returning!

Let us be your tour guide.

WILD FOREST MUSHROOMS abound in the Pacific Northwest forests. Learn how to identify edible species, understand the forest ecosystem and the importance of the web of nature. The forest pantry and pharmacy are waiting for you.

FLY-FISHING is a very successful means of catching fish. Beyond that there is the timelessness of the technique and the mystique. Let Stephen introduce you to fly-fishing techniques, how to cast a fly-line, and of course tie the winning fly.

PACIFIC SALMON are a keystones species. Let Stephen weave you the story of  these remarkable nutritional powerhouses and how they determine the health of our ecosystem. Watch them as they ascend their natal streams to reproduce to ensure the survival of their species. Hear their remarkable story.


“The Forest is the Healer”

Get out into the forest to enjoy  peace calming influence and healing ways of the forest. Book a 2 hour Forest Bathing experience today. Stephen is a member of The Association of Forest Therapy Guides and Programs.

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